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High Frequency Massage Gun | Muscle Relief

High Frequency Massage Gun | Muscle Relief

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Improve your daily activities and training results with the best fitness product on the market! 

Our massage gun relieves muscle stiffness and soreness and promotes blood and lymph circulation. For athletes, it can accelerate recovery after a workout and exercise injury. For personal or self-use, it is a physical therapy gun, which can improve the overall health of the body's soft tissues and prevent inflammation caused by adhesion between the fascia and muscles. Use it as a back massager, neck massager, or shoulder massager or use it everywhere. It's entirely up to you!

Made with a high-performance motor, this percussion massage gun stroke can reach up to 3600rpm (repetition per minute) with a depth of 10mm, allowing you to target even the deepest muscles on your body. The built-in pressure-inductance feedback system adjusts the motor output according to the pressure, giving a premium experience. 

It also counts with a long-life battery of 4 to 7 hours of working time, touchscreen/LCD display, 30 different speed modes starting from gentle massage to deep tissue massage, and noise control technology, making it one of the quietest massage guns available.


-4 to 7 Hours Battery Life

-Ultra Quiet Motor

-Upgraded Motor Technology

-30 Adjustable Speeds

-Led Battery and Speed Indicator

-Anti Slip Handle Design

-6 Attachment Heads


The Benefits Of Having a Massage Gun?

Relieves Muscle Tension

Regulates Blood Circulation

Improves Flexibility

Pre-Training Warm-Up

Convenience - Relieve your muscles at any time.

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